Care & Repair

How do I care for my Saininsain items?

Saininsain products are made with carefully selected materials and should be handled with care for longer product life. Small marking and irregularities may be apparent, even in the most luxurious textiles. The variations in colour and texture are merely the naturally occurring characteristics of the leather and plant fibers and should not be considered imperfections.

Each item will ship with an insert that details suggested care information.

For more information or assistance, please Contact Us.

Who can I contact for assistance with my Saininsain product?

Saininsain provides after sales services for products purchased from Saininsain.com and other authorized dealers.

If you need assistance or service, you may contact Saininsain Client Services.

Can I get my products serviced or repaired?

We offer after sales care services.

To book a service, contact Saininsain Client Services.

Are Saininsain products waterproof?

All natural materials react to humidity; thus, we recommend protecting the products from rain. Should they get wet, pat dry with a cloth and allow to dry naturally. The textiles used have not been waterproof treated in order to retain softness.

Some more care guidelines...

Use cleaning products relevant to the textile you wish to clean. Do not place under artificial heat or direct sunlight as they may deform and change colour. Keep all fabrics, raffia and leather surfaces from rubbing against other types of materials as they may be abrasive. Avoid rain and damp conditions as the dyed materials may discolour. Keep patent leather goods away from other leather products to avoid discolouration as they might absorb dyes. Be particularly cautious with ornamental accessories such as beads, studs or any other types of embellishments from rubbing against surfaces that may catch or scratch the metals as they could be lost or damaged. They also may oxidise during humid conditions. When not in use, store in the protective cotton bag received with purchase.

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